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By Dr. Kiwano in Uncategorized

The 5 Cubes project (of which the original geodesic deathtrap is phase 1) recently completed phase 2. While I think this is a wonderful development, there is the slight catch that phase 3 is the expensive phase (it will require around $800 in materials to actually build it). So this means that there will be some fundraising.

While I’m hoping to raise a bunch of the funds through fun deathtrap-related activities/events (e.g. a deathtrap busking picnic), I would like to get to work on phase 3 sooner rather than later, so I’m going to pass the hat around the internet and ask you to please donate, and pass this link around to your friends (except I’m not asking all the helpful deathtrap people who’ve already contributed piles of their time and energy to donate money too; you guys can just spread the word).