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Deathtrap at TEDxToronto

September 24, 2011
By Dr. Kiwano in Uncategorized

Shortly before Burning Man, I was invited to exhibit a deathtrap at the after party for the TEDxToronto 2011 talks. With both the grown-up-sized deathtraps made so far having been given away at the burn, Miss Scott was pressed into service. There was some good fun had on them before someone connected to insurance noticed that if the trampoline performers weren’t covered to allow party guests on to their trampoline, then guests playing on the deathtraps were almost certainly not covered either. That said, there were still enough “performers” and deathtrap crew to have a good time on the deathtrap.

On a less positive note, by the end of the night, Miss Scott’s struts were starting to show some early signs of fatigue, so she’s being retired from service as a deathtrap and returned to the 5-cubes project in order to be able to continue it.