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By Dr. Kiwano in Uncategorized

Between TEDxToronto and Nuit Blanche, I was able to rustle up enough spare hands (and material) to churn out another grown-up-sized deathtrap, so that Nuit Blanche could (unofficially) feature a deathtrap of each size. Owing to some boat stuff earlier in the day, we didn’t get started until around midnight, but we started with a good crowd of friends and supporters to help assemble the deathtraps on Bay St., just north of Queen, invited the night’s revellers to help us roll them up towards the Heart Machine, and had gotten almost all the way to Dundas when it started to rain, and the deathtraps became too slippery to be safely climbed on. (Psst: no one’s actually been hurt on one of these things badly enough to require medical attention; it can be our little secret that the deathtraps aren’t actually all that deadly.)

So with the rain coming down, we carried the deathtraps the rest of the way up to THM to say “hi” to the artists there, take the deathtraps apart, and see if we could bum a ride home for them (their ride down having disappeared with a certain small child who finally had to get taken home to bed).

Once again, enormous amounts of fun were had.